Monday, August 4, 2008

time to take off the weight

Have you ever noticed that you diet like crazy before summer comes so you look good in a bathing suit, shorts, and cute cropped tops, but then when you go on vacation you gain some of the weight back? Me too.

I guess it must be all the restaurant food. How can you go to the beach and not chow down on creamy clam chowder, sour dough toast, and fried fish? Not to mention desserts, which I won't.

So what's a girl to do?

I've looked at different diet pills and besides being confusing, it's difficult to tell which ones really work. First there is Alli which says it prevents fats you eat from being absorbed in your stomach and intestines. The downside is well, on their website they say wear dark clothing and bring a change of underwear.

Then there's the pills that boost your metabolism by cramming you full of caffeine, green tea and herbs. No thanks. I get jittery enough during the day without extra stimulants.

There are supplements that make you feel full because they expand in your stomach so there isn't room for food.

And finally products that work in your brain telling you you're not hungry so don't eat.

I think I'll lose these few extra pound the old fashion way. Eat less and exercise more. One of my favorite diets is simply eating fruits and vegetables, as much as you want, cooked anyway you want (no butter sorry - but you can use olive oil) all day and then a having a 4 ounce portion of skinless chicken or fish with more fruits and veggies for dinner. I do that 2 days a week, eat reasonably the rest of the week and the weight comes off.


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