Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Heat

Summer is ending but my dry skin is just beginning. I love the summer, even though where I live the temperature averages over 100 degrees during the day. May and June are dry, as in desert dry. July and August are humid, perhaps only from 20% t0 30% humid but combined with 105 degrees it's uncomfortable.

Drinking water is vital for your skin survival. You have to replace all that dripping sweat somehow. Did you know that your body burns 25 calories to bring your body temperature back to normal if you quickly drink a 12 ounce glass of ice water? So there's the double benefit of weight loss and better skin.

I've found that hydrating my skin through steam and then applying a nice thick moisturizer does wonders, especially if I do this right before bed. I don't use a greasy moisturizer because that would just clog up my pores. I've been lucky I've never had acne, even when I was a teenager. It must be awful to have to try to figure out How To Get Rid Of Acne when you're a young adult. Fortunately there have been a lot of advances and research into in dealing with skin problems like acne.

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