Sunday, August 10, 2008

Desert Wasteland of Television

You would think that with cable TV and the literally hundreds of channels that the challenge would be winnowing down to the programs you have time to watch, but alas that's just not so, especially during summer time.

The Olympics are one option but there's only so much thrill to seeing the American Women's Gymnastics team doing double buttskies (that's landing on their butt to the uninformed) and losing out to a Chinese team that looks like it's made up of ten years who haven't hit puberty yet. I mean come on, no hips, no curves, no bust line. That must make it easier on the uneven parallel bars, nothing to get in the way if you know what I mean.

Summer might be the time to catch up on watching the shows you missed. Free Tv Shows online make it possible to see episodes you couldn't watch - not everybody has Tivo- or shows you may have been curious about.

For example I'm intrigued by House M.D. I love the attitude and personalities. Dr. Gregory House, the character the show is named after, may not have much of a bedside manner, okay no bedside manner, but he's the Doc, I'd want if I had a mysterious disease. The guy stops at nothing to diagnose his patients. Gotta love him Unfortunately my significant other doesn't like medical shows, or cop shows, for that matter so I don't get to watch very often.

That's not going to stop me. This summer I'm going to watch House M.D online during my lunch break.


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