Friday, August 24, 2007

Dog Friendly Vacations - Five Tips for Dog Friendly Vacations

(Santa Fe, New Mexico - August 24, 2007) Dog Friendly Vacations – Five Tips

Many families these days consider their dogs a member of their family, so when vacation time roles around they want a dog friendly vacation.

1. Make sure your canine companion is up to date with their vaccinations and that you have paperwork from your vet that says so. Some hotels require documentation and if you arrive to check in, after your vet has closed there's no way to get it.

2. Your pet must have a strong collar, leash and ID tag and should wear all three any time you're outside your car or hotel room. Even if your dog is well trained to walk off leash at home, in a new and strange environment, they may get distracted. Make sure you put your cell phone number on the ID tag. If you're not home, your home phone number won't do you much good.

3. If you're traveling by car, take at least a gallon of water for each day of the first few days of the trip. Remember to pack a water bowl. Puppy pals drink a lot more water than you might think and it's difficult for them to get enough to drink out of a glass or bottle. Dehydration is not a good thing and can lead to a sick dog and ruined vacation.

4. Prepare for emergencies. Have your vet's phone number handy. Pack any medications for your dog. If your vet approves pack medication for diarrhea, allergies, and motion sickness. Take a few moments and do a web search to find an emergency vet clinic in every location you visit. Make a note of the vet's address, phone number and the nearest cross streets. Take the list with you when you travel. You'll save precious time.

5. Remember to have fun. Take your dog's favorite toy, chewie and blanket. You can use the trip to teach him or her a few new tricks. Or just snooze under a shady tree.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Golfers, want to save money

(Phoenix, AZ - August 23, 2007) Local author releases report, The Budget Conscious Golfer and website for Golfers on a Budget. Golf is definitely not an inexpensive game to play, but avid golfers seem willing to spend almost any amount to pursue their love of the links. In the United States, golfers spend more than $25 billion annually on equipment and green fees, not to mention travel, food and beverage, lessons and instruction materials. About 80% of the $25 billion is spent on public and private green fees, with $5 billion going toward equipment (clubs, ball, bags, gloves and shoes). On-fourth of all gofers could be considered avid golfers, those who play more than 25 rounds annually. They account for about two-thirds of all golf spending.

Golf travel is another huge industry. Golfers spend more than $25 billion on travel, 75% of this goes for hotels, transportation, and food and beverage. These statistics are courtesy of the National Golf Foundation (

All this can add up to a hefty annual expenditure on the game, particularly for avid golfers. But it is possible to stretch your golf dollar, to spend less and enjoy the game more. Paying more than $100 for a greens fee, or spending $500/day for a golf vacation, can take both a bite out of your wallet and reduce your enthusiasm for the game. For the average golfer whose score is 98, that means each stroke cost more than $1, and for the traveling golfer, the $500/day price tag translates into $5 a swing.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Format for a press release

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A press release, sometimes called a news release is an announcement to the media of a newsworthy happening. Newsworthy is the key word here. Just because you have a new product doesn't mean that the news media will be interested in it.

The release below is for a book, but you can substitute product, software, or service.

Format for a News Release

Immediate Release – and today’s date (or the date the paper should publish the release if it is time related)

Contact Information:
Your name
Your phone number
Your email address

Try not to have the headline be the same old, same old. New Book Released by Local Author. Or New Book Tells Why Your Kids Are Rotten. This is make or break it time. The headline is what will entice the reporter or editor to read your release. Use a headline like Five Reasons Kids Are Rotten: And What Parents Can Do About It.

(City you live in – Today’s Date) In the first paragraph answer the who, what, why and where. Sometimes that’s all the reporter will read. Don’t bury important information farther down in the release. You can expand on each of those factors, who, what, why, and where later on in the release.

Keep your approach newsworthy. Of course you are excited that your book is being published, but why should anyone else be excited. Reporters are looking for news. If your book is nonfiction, stress the benefits to the reader. How will it improve their life, make them richer, smarter, thinner, or more beautiful. (Personally I always go for richer and smarter because if you’re smart, you can figure out a way to become thinner and more beautiful. And if you’re rich you can pay for it.) If the book is fiction see if you can relate the theme to today’s news or events.

The news release shouldn’t be more than one page single spaced. Although many smaller publications may print the release as is, most newspapers will want to use the release as just the beginning of their story.

Triple check grammar and spelling.

Send the release to as many of your media contacts as you can on a personalized basis. Never use a blind carbon copy if you’re using email to distribute the release. Never, never, never, use a cc list where all the names of the recipients are visible. It takes much more time, but send your releases out one at a time. Or, of course you can use our press release distribution service.

If you have a spam filter, send the release to yourself to see if it gets caught. Most filters will tell you why they filed an email as spam, then you can reword so it doesn’t get caught.

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