Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diet Downers the scale's gone up.

Part of me wishes there was a magic pill I could take and the pounds would just melt off. It's not like I have a ton of weight to lose. I don't. In fact it's only about 15 pounds and I'd be exactly where I'd want to be.

I've tried the all you can eat fruit diet and don't ever want to see another banana or blueberry. There's the cabbage soup diet, where, um, people don't want to be around you because of your unique scent, shall we say?

And while the eat grapefruit, tomatoes, olive oil and salmon at every meal sounds good, it's fishy after awhile.

Diet pills sound like a good idea. However there are so many different kinds that work in different ways it's hard to tell what's a good choice and what's not. Take Alli for instance. It blocks about 10% of the fat you ingest from being digested. That's the good news. The bad news is that you can't eat whatever you want. If you go over a certain number of grams per fat per meal there are consequences to pay. Nasty consequences.

It would be nice if someone sampled all the different diet pills and diet pill brands and gave honest diet pill reviews. It would simplify the choice for me.

Or maybe I should just give up my before bedtime cookies and milk and get a little more exercise. Mhem. Maybe that would do it.


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Jenny said...

I am not sure if you would get the same results but I have started using a slimming pill I found online which is called LIPObind. The results have been very positive, although I have been changing my eating habits to try and speed up the process. Once I have achieved my target weight I come off the pill and try and exercise more to keep my weight under control.