Thursday, April 30, 2009

Improve Productivity and Cut Costs - Is it Possible to Achieve Both?

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Improve Productivity and Cut Costs - Is it Possible to Achieve Both?

(Peterborough, UK - April 30, 2009) Improving productivity while cutting costs and maintaining compliance with governance, standards, policies and controls may seem like an impossible task. Add in multiple locations and projects and the task becomes even more daunting. However, there is a solution and its name is Harmony.

"We decided to name the software 'Harmony' because all the elements of compliance are in harmony with each other." says Andy Henry. "This makes monitoring a company's compliance simple, quick and efficient. There is no guess work if a certain standard has been met or if a certain offsite location is in compliance."

Harmony has several unique advantages. The system is built on a visual and graphical interface. One can see at a glance what progress has been made and what areas need further efforts. There's no guesswork.

Cost savings are achievable because time isn't wasted in meetings or conference calls to monitor compliance. It's obvious to see the state of compliance. Confusion is avoided and so is duplication of effort because the details are right up front, not buried in paperwork.

Compliance is important in several industries but perhaps one of the most important is the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Security and privacy protection is critical for the bank, the card processor and the card holder. With identity theft, hacking, and phishing, running rampant in the United Kingdom, it has never been more important to protect information, privacy and systems.

"Harmony provides control, ease of management and understandable up-to-the-minute reporting, in an easy to understand format," continues Henry. "Our software helps everyone involved see what needs to be done, who needs to do it and when it should be done by. There's no confusion about how done you are or where the gaps in compliance are."
About Decisive Ltd.

Founded in the late 1990's Decisive Ltd produces software, and provides related support services, for the global compliance, audit and governance industry. The leading product, 'Harmony', is the benchmark compliance software used by many small, medium and large companies. Clients include national and multi-national businesses across a wide range of industries - manufacturing, entertainment, financial services, communications and energy industries and both central and local government.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drowning in a Sea of Debt?

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April 22, 2009

Drowning in a Sea of Debt?

Debt Consolidation Can Be a Life Preserver

The recession isn't slowing down and darker days may be ahead before there is any significant brightening on the horizon. Unfortunately many families won't be able to wait out the storm as a result of higher credit card debt, plummeting real estate values, and rising unemployment rates. Estimates put credit card debt at nearly $10,000 per household and the total consumer debt at $30,000 per household. Combined with a downward spiral in the value of investment or retirement portfolios it's no wonder the outlook is gloomy. Struggling to make monthly payments adds tremendously to the stress many people are under, and for many, there seems to be no solution

in sight. Fortunately, those struggling to keep their head above water do have several options including debt consolidation.

"Many families in the United States are facing a credit crisis and in quite a few cases it's not their fault," says Joe Kenny, of Thistle Finance Group, "We developed as a safe harbor, a place where debtors could learn about debt consolidation loans in a calm, straightforward manner."

Debt consolidation is simply when a new loan is obtained that is used to pay off unsecured debts. In most cases the new payment amount is significantly less than the individual payments to all the different creditors resulting in some breathing room.

If the new debt consolidation loan is secured on real property, a home for example, the interest rate may be substantially less than credit card interest rates resulting in even more of a break in monthly payments.

"Many families think that bankruptcy is their only option to get out of debt," explains Kenny. "They don't realize that with the new more stringent bankruptcy laws they may not even qualify. And in any event the bankruptcy stays on their credit record for seven years."

Debt settlement, another option for getting out of debt, is negotiating with creditors to accept as payment in full a lesser amount than the principal amount owed. But this is not the ideal solution for most consumers, says Kenny: "The downside to debt settlement is twofold. Until the debt has actually been paid the

debtor can still be pursued for payment and taken to court. In addition the fact that the debt hasn't been paid in full will be reported to the credit bureaus and can damage the debtor's credit score."

A debt consolidation program combined with closing the paid off credit card accounts and other consumer debts, reducing household spending and sticking to a realistic budget can put most debtors back on track. But it is important for those in financial difficulty to be proactive and not just wait and hope that the times will get better. Companies like Thistle Financial Group ( have considerable experience with

the implementation of debt consolidation programs that can help consumers plug the leaks in their financial ship and set sail for a more prosperous future--and an end to financial related stress.


Thistle Finance Group was founded in 2007 and provides debt consolidation loan options to consumers who are struggling with debt.

Telephone (407) 413-9074

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Contact name - Joe Kenny

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you ready for Valentines' Day?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, are you ready? Or are you waiting for the last minute? If you're the last minute type of person I have some ideas for you that won't cost a fortune.

Flowers - Even if you could justify the price of a dozen red long stemmed roses, which cost upwards of $100 for Valentine's, at this late date you'll be lucky to find any. So what to do? Go to a big box store and check out the plant nursery. Most likely you'll find pots of flowers in bloom. Just stick on a big red bow and you're ready to go.

Another idea is to visit the flower seed racks. Pick an assortment of flower seed packets that appeal to you. Find an attractive gift box, place the packets inside on crumpled red and white tissue paper, include a hand written note that says "Watch our love grow."

If you just have to have roses, buy a live rose plant. Miniature ones should be in bloom, but you can also find regular rose plants at a plant nursery or big box store.

Packaging is everything. Look at how Valentine flowers are presented. There is lots of red, pink, and white tissue paper, cellophane with printed hearts, bows and Styrofoam hearts. Use those same ideas for your gifts. Take a red gift bag with handles. Place tissue paper inside so it shows over the top. Place a flowering plant surrounded by cellophane paper in the bag. If the bag is too big for the plant to show, get a smaller bag, a bigger plant, or stuff white tissue paper in the bottom of the bag to raise up the plant. Add curly ribbon and bows. Your $10 plant now looks like $100.

One more idea: Buy a lovely lush green houseplant at the grocery store and three red roses. Ask the florist department to put the roses into separate water filled vials that you can then insert into the house plant. Add a bow, or hearts, and you have a lasting romantic gift.

Red and pink are the colors of Valentine's so those colors will be expensive even if they aren't roses. Choose white flowers and complement them with red and pink packaging. A bouquet of white flowers in a red or pink vase is very festive. Or use a clear vase and a red or pink bow. Another alternative is to wrap the white flowers in red and pink tissue paper, then clear cellophane and a bow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl or super bust?

I love football I really do. This year however, the super bowl was a disappointment. The two best teams were not the ones that played in yesterday's game. While the super bowl may have been a bust dinner was fabulous. Grilled pork tenderloin, veggie kabobs and grilled fruit salad. Here are the healthy food recipes

Commercial time on the super bowl sold for $1.8 million for 30 seconds. Amazing.