Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dieting for Dummies

Dieting for Dummies, Walk off the Weight, Cram down the Calories, all sound like book titles don't they? Well I think the first one actually is. We have been told often enough not to judge a book by its cover, although that's exactly what potential readers do. They look at the title first, then if the cover is attractive, they pick it up and turn it over and read the back blurb.

Why does the publishing industry think we need these in your face titles? If I want to lose weight I don't necessarily want to move to South Beach to do it, or go into the Zone, or well, ... you get my point. And while Oprah can afford both a personal trainer and a personal chef, me and about a bazillion others can't. Oprah also has the incentive to avoid gaining weight in front of her huge audience. And lots of support when she admits failure - yet once again- and goes on another weight loss program.

I have to admit that the Idiot proof diet review does have some merit. It's seems simple. The diet uses proven weight loss methods and then generates an 11 day diet menu for you. The program is online and has lots of support groups and forums. So maybe Idiot proof is a good term for that diet.

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