Thursday, August 23, 2007

Golfers, want to save money

(Phoenix, AZ - August 23, 2007) Local author releases report, The Budget Conscious Golfer and website for Golfers on a Budget. Golf is definitely not an inexpensive game to play, but avid golfers seem willing to spend almost any amount to pursue their love of the links. In the United States, golfers spend more than $25 billion annually on equipment and green fees, not to mention travel, food and beverage, lessons and instruction materials. About 80% of the $25 billion is spent on public and private green fees, with $5 billion going toward equipment (clubs, ball, bags, gloves and shoes). On-fourth of all gofers could be considered avid golfers, those who play more than 25 rounds annually. They account for about two-thirds of all golf spending.

Golf travel is another huge industry. Golfers spend more than $25 billion on travel, 75% of this goes for hotels, transportation, and food and beverage. These statistics are courtesy of the National Golf Foundation (

All this can add up to a hefty annual expenditure on the game, particularly for avid golfers. But it is possible to stretch your golf dollar, to spend less and enjoy the game more. Paying more than $100 for a greens fee, or spending $500/day for a golf vacation, can take both a bite out of your wallet and reduce your enthusiasm for the game. For the average golfer whose score is 98, that means each stroke cost more than $1, and for the traveling golfer, the $500/day price tag translates into $5 a swing.